Module time::quickcheck

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Available on crate feature quickcheck only.
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Implementations of the quickcheck::Arbitrary trait.

This enables users to write tests such as this, and have test values provided automatically:

use quickcheck::quickcheck;
use time::Date;

struct DateRange {
    from: Date,
    to: Date,

impl DateRange {
    fn new(from: Date, to: Date) -> Result<Self, ()> {
        Ok(DateRange { from, to })

quickcheck! {
    fn date_range_is_well_defined(from: Date, to: Date) -> bool {
        let r = DateRange::new(from, to);
        if from <= to {
        } else {

An implementation for Instant is intentionally omitted since its values are only meaningful in relation to a Duration, and obtaining an Instant from a Duration is very simple anyway.


  • Obtain an arbitrary value between the minimum and maximum inclusive.